Branding, art direction and UI/UX.


The people of Phototeller believe that behind every great photo, there is a story worth telling. They created an app to connect every photo to its specific story. App users could share their daily life events with a photo, telling the world how the day was going.

The Creative Process

In order to tell a story behind a photo, the logo should expound both concepts, photography and storytelling. The user must be involved in telling the story behind the photo.
The app is from users to users; every user could browse, post and interact with someone else's photo. Being able to deliver this idea to the user was a very powerful challenge.

App Design

With so many mobile apps released in such a short period of time, I needed to really create an app design that stands out. I started by wireframing the main screens and connecting them with brief user flow. Then the actual design came to life.