Branding and Web design.


A new Software Development brand from Egypt That will change the way people use technology to generate more values.

Flaxbit prides itself on being a software development company focused on creating quality web, desktop and mobile application development services. When it comes to development, we have taken part in numerous software development endeavors, encompassing desktop, web and mobile applications development.

The Creative Process

The best illustartion for the strength, lustre and durability, comes with a very simple sign of Flax plant.
The flax plant was used in ancient Egypt and has been known to been grown as far back as 30,000 BC; it may have been grown earlier.

Thus, without a single bit of doubt, I chose the logo mark to be a Flax flower to represent our key values, strength, lustre and durability.

The Website Design

As any creative process, I start the website design by rough sketching the client's requirements to be able to communicate the ideas to flaxbit team. The real challenge was content headlines, the goal was to customize each and every headline with an illustration representing it. To be able to do that, I started with gathering content to each page and creating a sitemap, then I designed the final illustrations upon the gathered content.